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Margot Robbie's "toe mojis" may seem fun but home tattoos - by Hollywood celebs or otherwise - are fraught with risks.

Treasurer Scott Morrison revealed that Government spending on the new hepatitis C drugs led Australia's economic growth in the last quarter.

Recent overdose deaths in South Australia refocuses on the need for naloxone education. This video explains the signs of overdose and how to administer naloxone.

In the four months from March to June, eight per cent of South Australians with hepatitis C started treatment, according to the Kirby Institute.

Minister for Health, Jack Snelling, has announced that the majority of clinical trials currently underway - and new trials being planned - will be housed at the new RAH.

South Australia's brand new state-of-the-art Royal Adelaide Hospital has not been designed to accommodate clinical trials. Will South Australians now miss out?

Hepatitis SA and Chinese community groups in South Australia are urging Chinese Australians in the state to speak to their doctors if they have any doubts about the efficacy of hepatitis B vaccinations which they might have had overseas.

On World Hepatitis Day, Hepatitis Australia is urging governments to step up the national response to hepatitis B.

Australia is on track to eliminate hepatitis C in ten years if record numbers of people living with the virus continue to seek and receive breakthrough antiviral treatment, according to a new analysis released on World Hepatitis Day.

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Mayors around metropolitan Adelaide are encouraging their communities to support NOhep – the global health campaign to eliminate viral hepatitis by 2030.

 South Australians, are taking up hepatitis C treatment as never before.

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