Be Involved

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A community based organisation is only as strong as the support it gets from its community.

Hepatitis SA was started by a volunteers in 1993 as the Hepatitis C Council of SA, and volunteers continue to play an important role in three main areas in the organisation.

Hepatitis SA Members are entitled to regular updates on news and activities, a free copy of each issue of our magazine, access to the library and a right to vote at Hepatitis SA annual general meetings. Membership for individuals is free.

Something you’re not happy about? Or perhaps you would like to suggest a topic or theme for the magazine. Have your say!

To be effective as a community organisation, we need to reflect the views, needs and concerns of the people we represent. Your feedback can help us improve our services, give us new ideas or inspire us to keep going.

Express yourself. Share your story. Connect with others.

If you are living with hepatitis B or hepatitis C, let your voice be heard.

Although Hepatitis SA receives government funding, we continue to look to other sources of financial support to cover the operating costs of our services to the community. Donations help us carry out activities for which we do not receive government grants.

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