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We are approaching the COVID-19 pandemic with an abundance of caution in line with the recommendations of health experts. Find out what this means for CNP clients.

Agreement will provide SA health system with up to 1,700 beds and significant ICU capacity. Read the daily COVID-19 round-up from SA Health.

For latest info:

Hepatitis C treatments have had age and genotype restrictions removed, Nurse Practitioners included as prescribers.

Info hub from the World Hepatitis Alliance providing COVID-19 information for people living with viral hepatitis.

Hepatitis SA staff are working from home except those at clean needle program sites. We are investigating online education and will continue to provide telephone and online information and support.

COVID-19 resources from the Federal Department of Health, SA Health, and SBS in languages other than English.

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Most accidental overdoses in Australia - especially South Australia - are from prescription drugs, mainly painkillers and sleeping tablets. Many of these deaths can be prevented with a drug that reverses the effects of opioids.

SA Health with APHN and Hep SA are providing in-practice education sessions in Adelaide's north to train GPs in treating and supporting hepatitis C patients.

The 2020-25 Hepatitis SA Strategic Plan has been released. Click through to read or download.

Hepatitis SA runs free liver health assessments at a number of sites in the Adelaide metro area. Liver health assessments only take 15-30 minutes and will tell you how much scarring your liver has, as well as what the results mean.


For more than 15 years Howard struggled with chronic hepatitis C. In 2016 he went on a course of two tablets a day for 12 weeks... and got his life back.

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