5 Random Hep Myths...

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...that stop you getting more out of life!

Don't let these common myths stop you from getting the most out of your life and relationships!

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MYTH: People who have hepatitis cannot drink alcohol, ever!

While it is best to abstain from alcohol if your liver is damaged, people with hepatitis can still drink alcohol in limited quantities, depending on the state of their liver health.

The amount of alcohol your liver can handle depends on the degree of damage it has suffered from the hepatitis. However it is recommended that you limit the amount you drink even if your liver is not damaged.

MYTH: People with hepatitis might pass it on to your pets.

Hepatitis B and C virus can only infect humans and higher primates. Your pet dog, cat, budgie or goldfish will not get hepatitis B or C from you or your human friends.

MYTH: Hepatitis can be spread through hugging.

Go ahead and hug them.

You can’t get hepatitis from hugging, shaking hands, back slapping, high fives or other casual contacts that make life more enjoyable.

MYTH: Don’t eat food prepared by someone with hepatitis. It may be contaminated and you might catch it.

You may get hepatitis A from food prepared by someone with the disease but only if he/she was unhygienic, i.e. didn’t wash their hands properly with soap after toileting and before food preparation.

Hepatitis B and C are not transmitted by casual contact.

MYTH: People who have hepatitis should not breastfeed their infants. They can pass it on to their babies that way.

Hepatitis C and B are not transmitted through breast milk.

However, if you have cracked nipples then some blood may escape, and if baby has a small cut in the mouth, blood-to-bloodstream contact is possible, allowing the transmission of hepatitis.

If cracks occur in a nipple, feed from the other breast. Express milk and discard it until the graze or cracks have healed. This will ensure continued milk production from the affected breast.

For more information: http://bit.ly/pregbirthbeyond.

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