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Hepatitis B Treatment

While there is currently no cure for hepatitis B, treatments exist that can help manage the disease.

Not everyone with chronic hepatitis B needs treatment, but disease condition can change rapidly. Hepatitis B drugs work best at certain stages of the disease, and if you have hepatitis B you will need six-monthly tests to monitor the virus and find out if treatment is needed.

With regular monitoring and treatment as needed, most people with hepatitis B live normal, healthy lives.

Hepatitis B monitoring is managed best by specialists or accredited general practitioners. If you have hepatitis B and are not being monitored regularly, you should consider starting.

You can also search for a HBV Prescriber near you by visiting the ASHM locator map or use the map below to find South Australian HBV Prescribers.

For more information on hepatitis B treatment visit our Hepatitis B Treatment page.

How do I start getting monitored?

Ask your doctor for a referral to a specialist or talk to a HBV GP Prescriber.

If you need help finding an understanding GP, call Hepatitis SA on 1800 437 222 for a referral.

Chinese speakers can access the Hepatitis SA Chinese language information service by phone or WeChat on 0403 648 348.

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